First Shout Out Goes To Devon From Cognatio

The first person I wanted to give a shout out to is someone who I have actually hired to do a little work for me in the past. I know he is a great guy and produces quality work. This shoutout is for Devon Bate from Cognatio Media. I first met Devon in Canada back when he lived in Halifax and found his story fascinating. He was born with a medical issue that caused him to be blind in one eye at a time. He has full use of both but can only use one at a time (he switches them!).

We spoke for awhile and I had asked what his plan was after completing his undergraduate degree in Commerce. He said he wanted to form a search engine optimization firm (SEO) firm to help people get ‘known’ organically online. He has a passion for finance and numbers and is using it in SEO to develop algorithms that actually work! We hired him when he first got started and he produced excellent results for my last company. He knows lives in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and continues to offer Kitchener Waterloo SEO for local companies as well as organizations across Canada. Go check him out at – he’s awesome! He also mentioned he helps out another company, Vovia and that Vovia does great Calgary inbound marketing for their clients and that Vovia is the best Calgary SEO he has had the pleasure of working with so far!


Finally, I wanted to say not only does he produce great results, if you’re interested in just testing the waters with him or seo, I know he would be more than happy to provide you with a free seo audit – they are super helpful on their own! Check out the video below for even more details:

Congratulations on the venture and success Devon, keep up the great work!